Weeknotes #6: "It’s completely changed everything actually"

May 31, 2020

Big thanks to William Joseph who conducted some pro-bono research into the expertience of charities using Candle. We were delighted with what they found. Their report starts by saying that Digital Candle is:

Highly valued by vast majority.

“It was amazing”

“I got paired up with someone really fantastic”

“It was absolutely brilliant - and just what I needed”

“Thanks for your help, it was really instrumental.”

Most said that Candle was a way to start their digital transformation - giving confidence by helping people with where to begin. Practical advice by those that have been through the same experience was most important

“It’s completely changed everything actually”

“It gave us confidence to keep it simple rather than trying to do everything. Focus on one or two things well.”

“All of this is the start of a journey - which I’m taking responsibility for. It was encouraging to see that my mentor was self taught”

“If the purpose is to give you an expert who can talk about ideas - then it does all it needs to.”

The researchers found three areas for improvement: 

1. There was some nervousness about the call being a sales pitch. It's Important that it wasn’t a ‘sell’ call and was run independently.

2. There was some confusion about who Digital Candle is run by, what exactly it is and what the roles of Catalyst / Platypus are.

“Don’t really know what Digital Candle is” - is it just for Covid or is it ongoing? 
“Was it just a once in a lifetime opportunity?"

3. The most productive calls were when charity sent through information beforehand and the mentor had a chance to prepare ideas. One negative comment was when this didn’t happen:

“the hour could be better used if there was some pre-work done from both sides”

All three of these could be improved by clearer messaging, so that something we are going to work on.

Overall, I'm tremendously enthused by the postive feedaback. It is clear that Candle is highly appreciated. I'm keen to find ways to reach more charities, as each conversation we enable unlocks a small cascade of benefits, first to the charity and then to that charity's users.

Thank you, experts! Your generosity with your time that makes this possible.

Weeknotes #5: online events, AdWords experts and more

May 18, 2020

150 introductions made!

In fact, we’ve blown past the 150 mark. We've now made 163 introductions since we started in January.

Thanks to all the volunteer experts who make this possible. And thanks to all the charities who take the plunge, articulating their digital question in the hope that a random stranger might help.

How to make an online event go off with aplomb?

Last week, we had a handful of questions from people wanting to put on larger online events. How to make them work smoothly? How to make them fun? How to make them useful?  

I’m sure this will be an increasingly common need. Our challenge is that no one on Candle classifies themselves as an expert in the subject. It’s not something people were really considering a couple of months ago.

Is this something you've got ideas about? Have you read any good articles on the topic? Any links, tips or suggestions, please email

Call out to AdWords experts

Candle has 201 experts who have volunteered their time. Of these, eight offer Google AdWords as an area of expertise. AdWords is one area where demand for advice outstrips supply.

When experts sign up for Candle, we are only asking for an hour of time. But I was wondering, would people be happy to offer more time? Last week I plucked up courage to ask. A couple of AdWords experts said they would be happy to help every fortnight! That’s great to know. It’s experts like you who make the whole service possible. Thank you. (And anyone else with expertise in this area, please mail in!) 


We love to hear from you! Any tips, suggestions or just to say 'hi'. Email

Stay safe!

- andy

p.s. Not sure if anyone will have noticed, but apologies for missing last week’s update.

Weeknotes #4: RJ Working case study

May 3, 2020

RJ Working supports young people and adults in developing Restorative Practice as a creative approach to conflict resolution. They approached Digital Candle to identify the best platform to deliver their training online. The call helped them to decide to trial Circles for group work with adults and Zoom for Year 11 students, based on their audience, the features, functionality and security of each. Here's what they said: 

Digital Candle came at just the right time and was very reassuring. Having a sounding board helped articulate what we were looking for and why, it helped us identify what platform to use and gave us resources to follow up with our new safeguarding policy.

Weeknotes #3: safeguarding online

April 26, 2020

Zoom, security and safeguarding online

We’ve been getting lots of questions about Zoom, security and safeguarding online. Joe Roberson is a Candle expert with knowledge in this area. He's distilled his thinking, and the questions arising some Candle calls, into a pair of articles: 

The difference a digital expert can make

Here's a nice bit of feedback from a charity that wishes to remain anonymous. Thank you, expert James

We had a really productive one hour tutorial with James, thanks for putting us in touch. He is very professional and took a real interest in our cause. He will try to help us to identify a platform to transform our training to, and offered to help check the consultants we might hire for this work. Also, he gave me great advice how to make our first Zoom trial training session this Friday go more smoothly.

Really useful and helpful, thank you very much.

Weeknotes #2: thank you, experts!

April 19, 2020

Thank you, experts! 

We keep getting fabulous feedback from the charities you've been helping. For instance:

It was incredibly helpful and a fabulous use of an hour.

- Gemma Juma, setting up a charitable foundation at Petchey

I just wanted to feed back that this was a really useful and productive hour for me, thank you! Jim, my expert, was able to give me a really useful summary and also answer my detailed questions thoroughly and thoughtfully. What’s more, we were able to touch on two other areas very effectively in our hour – sponsored events fundraising and a quick review of a crowdfunder appeal page. Add all that together and the call was worth its weight in gold! Thank you again.

- Darragh Grey, Bonny Downs

A huge thank you to Michael O'Toole who helped Gemma and Jim Paterson who helped Darragh... and to the many other experts who've given their time this week.

Digital Candle to do list

I had planned to do these last week, but lockdown life got in the way.

Improve system whereby we find out whether conversations have actually happened

This is still my biggest unknown and biggest worry. What proportion of matches actually lead to a conversation? There have only been a couple of complaints but perhaps people are unlikely to complain as Candle is a free service.

A couple of ideas how to fix this:

  • Put a button on the intro email that says “when you’ve had your session, please click this link, to confirm you’ve managed to make contact”.
  • Set up an automated email that goes out x days after the introduction, saying please reply if you haven’t been able to make contact.

Any brilliant ideas appreciated!

Improve data on our experts

There’s a few thing we don’t know about Digital Candle experts. Are they willing to do multiple calls, or did they sign up on the understanding it is just one? Are they still up for it? Have their skills changed?

I’m going to investigate using: which allows each recipient to edit just their own data. As our data is currently in Google Sheets (not Airtable) this will be a bit of pain. I'd love to hear if anyone knows of a Google Sheets way of doing this. Or any other ideas.

And finally...


We love to hear from you! Any tips, suggestions or just to say 'hi'. Email Andy on

Weeknotes #1: more experts needed, service improvements

April 11, 2020
Charity requests to Candle, per day

Currently we are getting lots of Covid-realted questions about making the switch to remote service delivery. We are running at about 12 enquiries a week.

Initially we had many more experts offering advice than charities needing it. Now charities have caught up, meaning we need more experts.

Compounding this, in the sign up flow, we didn't ask experts if they'd be willing to do more than one call - so I'm a bit stuck as to which experts are willing to offer their advice another time! We'll be emailing our experts to see whether they'd be up for doing additional calls. If you know any digital experts, please encourage them to sign up.  And bear in mind, you don't need to be a a PhD-level computer scientist to count as an expert in the Digital Candle world. If you know a bit about Zoom or Facebook or remote service delivery, we've got charities that would love your help.

We keep hearing that being an expert is a wonderful way to make a (small!) positive impact on the world. For instance, Sonja Wiencke at Evaltech just emailed to say: 

I've had a first call with Joy, we'll have another one on Friday. This was my first digital candle call and I wanted to let you know it was great. Thanks for setting it up!

Work in progress

  • The agency William Joseph have generously offered to conduct some user research, to give us an external view on how we could improve Digital Candle. Thanks! They'll be getting in touch with some of the charities who have used Candle shortly.
  • One thing that nags at me is that I'm not sure what proportion of Digital Candle calls actually happen, following the introduction. Almost all the feedback we receive is positive but I've got an inkling that people are too polite to complain if their opposite party never responds. Two things I'm considering: (i) a very short follow-up email to the charity, two days after the initial introduction asking 'have you made contact' or (ii) a link in the initial email saying - please click to confirm once you've made contact. I'd love any other suggestions of how best to shed light on this.

Links on remote service delivery

For people wondering about about service delivery remotely. Here's a couple of articles we've found useful when providing guidance on the topic: 


We love to hear from you! Any tips, suggestions or just to say 'hi'. Email Andy on

Candle brings joy and illumination

April 5, 2020

A great pleasure of making Digital Candle introductions is that both the charities and the experts get so much out of it. Here's some of the feedback we've received in the last fortnight:

From charities

'[The Expert] really helped us to identify the sort of platform we may need to reach the children and families who attend our schools during closures so that we may provide them with a healthy breakfast... the work already done has been incredibly valuable.'

Emily Wilkie, Magic Breakfast

[The Expert] was able to give some no-nonsense advice in a down-to-earth and approachable way without inducing in me any fear or sense of being sold a marketing line. I’ve got a much clearer idea now of what I want to do with social media and how to fit it into my strategy.

Steve Sayers, Windmill City Farm

From experts

'This was a really smashing way to start my working day today, thank you.'

Sarah Carter,

I just wanted to let you know that my session... went well this morning. We had a really enjoyable hour discussing the ways they could take things forward. In fact they are doing a lot of good things already too, so I think it was a productive conversation.

Gill Munro, Common Sense Social

If you like to join the fun, sign up as an expert here or request advice as a charity here!

What's it like doing a Candle call?

April 5, 2020

If you are considering signing up as an expert but not sure what you are getting yourself in for, here's reports from two people who took the plunge: 

What would you say if you only had 60 minutes to give an organisation all the digital advice they needed to run an engaging online strategy? This was the challenge I faced when I got matched up with a charity as part of the Digital Candle initiative.

Tallie Proud at Helpful Digital: An hour to talk digital

Today I had my first Digital Candle call with someone from a community centre. She used the hour-long call to talk about how to start a digital strategy project.

Madeline Sugden: Getting Started With Digital Strategy

If you are knowledgeable about digital, joining Candle is a high impact, low-hassle way to make a difference. All the evidence is that our charities find it super valuable to talk to a digital expert. A one-hour call often sets them on a new trajectory. Sign up as an expert here!