LinkedIn page, updateable experts and GMS

October 20, 2020

LinkedIn page

After much prodding, we've finally created a Digital Candle LinkedIn page. This means experts can add a Candle Volunteering Experience to their Linkedin details, something like.

Example Volunteering snippet on Linkedin.

(To do this, go to your profile on Linkedin, then click on 'Add Profile Section' then scroll down to 'Volunterring Experience'.)

Updatable experts

Experts, you can now update your expertise and desired frequency of calls. If you are a Candle expert, you should have received an email with a special link to update your info. If you haven't, check your spam folder. Failing that, email me:

Grant Management Systems

A charity wanted help with a Grant Management System. None of our 269 experts claimed knowledge of Grant Management Systems, so I asked a couple of possible experts.

I enjoyed this response from Dr Joe Reddington at eQuality time.

Supporting Small Charities Coalition

Today at 2pm experts from Candle will be supporting 45 charities in one hour in Small Charities Coalition's 'Test the Experts' Zoom call. Good luck!