200 introductions later; supporting Domestic Abuse charities; people say nice things

June 15, 2020

I'm delighted to say we have now supported over 200 charities. 204 to be exact! We made our first introductions in February, so we are making about 40 introductions per month.

Supporting Domestic Abuse charities

We've launched a special landing page for charities working in Domestic Abuse. On the expert side, we've got a bunch of digital experts at Neontribe who are particularly keen to help in this area.

We are keen to hear from other umbrella organisations who would like their own landing page, phrased to meet the needs of charities in their area. We'll make this for free. Now we know that charities find Digital Candle useful, the biggest challenge is encouraging charities to post their questions. By creating special landing pages, we hope to be that little bit more enticing.

Experts needed

A number of charities are asking for advice on running conferences or festivals online. Currently, we haven't got a single expert in this area. It must be one of the top emerging skills of 2020! If this is an area of expertise - or even something you are happy to chew the fat about - we'd love to add you as one of our experts. Email andy@digitalcandle.org.uk.

Oh, while we on the subject, I'd love to hear from experts in elearning systems. That is another area where we are short.

Some most excellent questions

Thanks Ross for these questions.


  • There's no follow up to a Digital Candle call. In the initial email, we say 'please send us feedback' (and we do love feedback... even just a snippet to say 'this call happened' is much appreciated!). But we do aim to make the service as lightweight as possible.
  • There's no official mechanism to say you'd like to do more calls. (We are planning to implement something soon.) But we are short of experts! If you are happy to do more calls, email andy@digitalcandle.org.uk. (Saying something like 'I could do one a fortnight' or 'I can do a handful more' is super useful.)

People say the nicest things

Jessica Spraos at Chayn, who was helped by Gwenno at Ethixdigital, said: 

I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for putting me in touch with Gwenno. She was absolutely fantastic and took all the intimidation out of getting our Google Ads Grants account set up. This will really help our organization! Chayn is really grateful to have benefited from this wonderful initiative.

Keith Merriman at Abingdon Digital said:

I really enjoyed it and would love to do more with other charities as and when they come up!

He was helping Patricia David at Hounslow Youth Counselling Service:

I just wanted to say thank you for linking me up with Keith. We spoke today and it has been really useful to have someone understand my technology problem and to help with giving me ideas for solutions. He was really lovely and so helpful.

As ever, thank you experts! Your generosity makes this possible. I keep hearing from charities how much they value the service: one hour of your time makes a huge difference.