300 introductions made. Thank you!

October 1, 2020

We've now made 300 introductions. We keep gettting great feedback from charities. Thank you, experts, for making this ppssible.

Thank you so much for organising this for us. I’ve just come off the call with Tallie and I can’t tell you how useful it was. Her suggestions were realistic for us as an organisation to implement and streamline what we’re doing and where online, so we can work out what works for us and focus on that. Tallie gave me some easy to use suggestions that made sense and were achievable.

Hannah from Dorset Youth Association who was helped by Tallie from helpfuldigital.com

Joe gave me great tips to make the most of our Google Ad Grants account. I will get started with his suggestions and hopefully see some results soon.

Claudia from familylinks.org.uk was helped by Joe from ethixdigital.com

Upcoming changes

  • We made a bit of a blunder when we started: we didn't ask experts often they'd be prepared to do a call, so we had to assume it was only once. Now we are running short of experts, but we get the impression that most Candle experts are prepared to help more than once. Please update your details when you see that email.
  • We are about to introduce a feedack system, so both experts and charities can say whether a call happened and whether it was helpful.