What's it like doing a Candle call?

April 10, 2020

If you are considering signing up as an expert but not sure what you are getting yourself in for, here's reports from two people who took the plunge: 

What would you say if you only had 60 minutes to give an organisation all the digital advice they needed to run an engaging online strategy? This was the challenge I faced when I got matched up with a charity as part of the Digital Candle initiative.

Tallie Proud at Helpful Digital: An hour to talk digital

Today I had my first Digital Candle call with someone from a community centre. She used the hour-long call to talk about how to start a digital strategy project.

Madeline Sugden: Getting Started With Digital Strategy

If you are knowledgeable about digital, joining Candle is a high impact, low-hassle way to make a difference. All the evidence is that our charities find it super valuable to talk to a digital expert. A one-hour call often sets them on a new trajectory. Sign up as an expert here!