Weeknotes #3: safeguarding online

April 27, 2020

Zoom, security and safeguarding online

We’ve been getting lots of questions about Zoom, security and safeguarding online. Joe Roberson is a Candle expert with knowledge in this area. He's distilled his thinking, and the questions arising some Candle calls, into a pair of articles: 

The difference a digital expert can make

Here's a nice bit of feedback from a charity that wishes to remain anonymous. Thank you, expert James

We had a really productive one hour tutorial with James, thanks for putting us in touch. He is very professional and took a real interest in our cause. He will try to help us to identify a platform to transform our training to, and offered to help check the consultants we might hire for this work. Also, he gave me great advice how to make our first Zoom trial training session this Friday go more smoothly.

Really useful and helpful, thank you very much.