Happy Candlesticks, live chat and Airtable

July 15, 2020

Thanks to Ben Serbutt from Fat Beehive who helped Angela.

Also, thanks to John Stewart from Ten4 Design who helped Dumitru Puscasu: 

John was very responsive and offered me a coaching session right away. The coaching session went very well and I have quite a few things to think about and work on. I am very glad to you and John for all your support.

Thanks to all the other Candlesticks who volunteered this month! Your generosity makes Candle possible.

Tech update

We've made a batch of improvements: 

  1. We've moved our sign-up process from Google Sheets to Airtable. Airtable facilitates a much quicker matching process and removes ugly duplication of data. It also lets us automatically create the intro emails. This feels like a big win.
  2. As an experiment, we've added an Intercom live chat widget to the website, to see if that helps charities frame their question before filling in a form. (We've got an inkling that framing the question is a blocker.)
  3. We've created an Asana board. This is a glorified to-do list, but better than no to-do list.