Helping Respect put together a podcasting funding application

April 4, 2023

“Thank you Digital Candle!”

Davina works for Respect, a charity working to end domestic abuse.

The challenge

Davina was preparing a funding bid to cover the costs of producing around thirty 10-20 minute podcasts. The idea was to do some interviews on Zoom, edit them and add a nice musical intro. 

But she’d never actually done this before. She was struggling to work out what a reasonable budget would be to cover the technical costs, like a reasonable standard microphone, digital recorder, or anything else she might need? 

She was thinking the podcasts could be uploaded onto the charity’s website but needed confirmation on that too.

She needed expert help. And that’s where Digital Candle came in.

The solution

Davina reached out to Digital Candle. She filled in the form on our website, outlining the problem and what success would look like. 

Luckily, we had someone on hand ready to help Davina. “I got a super speedy response,” agrees Davina. 

We introduced them by email and they set up a time to speak over a video call. 

They talked through everything they would need to budget for, including microphones, software to record and edit the audio, and a platform that would distribute the podcast to podcasting outlets like Apple Podcasts. 

The results

“I was put in touch with a very knowledgeable person,” said a delighted Davina. “After talking through all the things I needed to think about, I was able to submit a grant application. 

“I really felt secure in the knowledge that I had budgeted for everything.”

“Thank you Digital Candle!”

If you’re struggling with budgeting for digital projects and need some free advice, you too can just ask a question and get matched with an expert.