Weeknotes #1: more experts needed, service improvements

April 19, 2020
Charity requests to Candle, per day

Currently we are getting lots of Covid-realted questions about making the switch to remote service delivery. We are running at about 12 enquiries a week.

Initially we had many more experts offering advice than charities needing it. Now charities have caught up, meaning we need more experts.

Compounding this, in the sign up flow, we didn't ask experts if they'd be willing to do more than one call - so I'm a bit stuck as to which experts are willing to offer their advice another time! We'll be emailing our experts to see whether they'd be up for doing additional calls. If you know any digital experts, please encourage them to sign up.  And bear in mind, you don't need to be a a PhD-level computer scientist to count as an expert in the Digital Candle world. If you know a bit about Zoom or Facebook or remote service delivery, we've got charities that would love your help.

We keep hearing that being an expert is a wonderful way to make a (small!) positive impact on the world. For instance, Sonja Wiencke at Evaltech just emailed to say: 

I've had a first call with Joy, we'll have another one on Friday. This was my first digital candle call and I wanted to let you know it was great. Thanks for setting it up!

Work in progress

  • The agency William Joseph have generously offered to conduct some user research, to give us an external view on how we could improve Digital Candle. Thanks! They'll be getting in touch with some of the charities who have used Candle shortly.
  • One thing that nags at me is that I'm not sure what proportion of Digital Candle calls actually happen, following the introduction. Almost all the feedback we receive is positive but I've got an inkling that people are too polite to complain if their opposite party never responds. Two things I'm considering: (i) a very short follow-up email to the charity, two days after the initial introduction asking 'have you made contact' or (ii) a link in the initial email saying - please click to confirm once you've made contact. I'd love any other suggestions of how best to shed light on this.

Links on remote service delivery

For people wondering about about service delivery remotely. Here's a couple of articles we've found useful when providing guidance on the topic: 


We love to hear from you! Any tips, suggestions or just to say 'hi'. Email Andy on hello@digitalcandle.org.uk