Digital Candle helps The Together Project move their email domain

April 3, 2023

“Digital Candle is brilliant, I recommend it to everyone I speak to who works in the charity sector.”

The challenge

Managing IT can be really tricky at charities. Very few people were hired for their hardware skills. Yet they still find themselves as the charity’s accidental techie because they once connected a monitor to a laptop. 

Louise Goulden was struggling with one such problem. Her charity, The Together Project, needed to move its emails from one domain to another. 

Their emails were hosted on a Google for Non Profits Workspace account. They owned (their original domain) and (set up more recently). 

Their emails used the domain and they wanted to switch to as the primary email, while still getting the emails). 

“I did try to manage this myself,” said Louise, “But I was finding it extremely confusing. I was really nervous about messing it up!”

The solution

So Louise reached out to Digital Candle. 

She filled in the form on our website, said she needed help moving her emails across. 

We had a look on our database for someone with IT skills, and quickly found someone who could help. 

We introduced them by email within 24 hours of Louise asking the question. They booked a call where Louise ran through her challenge and what she wanted to happen. 

The result

“It was excellent!” said a delighted Louise. “Jonathan was so friendly and helpful. He really wanted to get to the bottom of things for us and find the best solution.”

“Not only did he sort out the issue we'd been having, he uncovered a different issue that we didn't know we'd got - and fixed that too!”

If you’re struggling with your IT and need some free advice, you too can just ask a question and get matched with an expert.