Weeknotes #2: thank you, experts!

April 21, 2020

Thank you, experts! 

We keep getting fabulous feedback from the charities you've been helping. For instance:

It was incredibly helpful and a fabulous use of an hour.

- Gemma Juma, setting up a charitable foundation at Petchey

I just wanted to feed back that this was a really useful and productive hour for me, thank you! Jim, my expert, was able to give me a really useful summary and also answer my detailed questions thoroughly and thoughtfully. What’s more, we were able to touch on two other areas very effectively in our hour – sponsored events fundraising and a quick review of a crowdfunder appeal page. Add all that together and the call was worth its weight in gold! Thank you again.

- Darragh Grey, Bonny Downs

A huge thank you to Michael O'Toole who helped Gemma and Jim Paterson who helped Darragh... and to the many other experts who've given their time this week.

Digital Candle to do list

I had planned to do these last week, but lockdown life got in the way.

Improve system whereby we find out whether conversations have actually happened

This is still my biggest unknown and biggest worry. What proportion of matches actually lead to a conversation? There have only been a couple of complaints but perhaps people are unlikely to complain as Candle is a free service.

A couple of ideas how to fix this:

  • Put a button on the intro email that says “when you’ve had your session, please click this link, to confirm you’ve managed to make contact”.
  • Set up an automated email that goes out x days after the introduction, saying please reply if you haven’t been able to make contact.

Any brilliant ideas appreciated!

Improve data on our experts

There’s a few thing we don’t know about Digital Candle experts. Are they willing to do multiple calls, or did they sign up on the understanding it is just one? Are they still up for it? Have their skills changed?

I’m going to investigate using: https://miniextensions.com/airtable-edit-form/ which allows each recipient to edit just their own data. As our data is currently in Google Sheets (not Airtable) this will be a bit of pain. I'd love to hear if anyone knows of a Google Sheets way of doing this. Or any other ideas.

And finally...


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