Digital Candle: "such a clever idea"

July 1, 2021

My favourite bit of feedback this month was from an expert who said: "Thanks Andy, such a clever idea :-)" 

(For what it is worth, it was Matt Collins' idea - so he deserves any credit.)

Here's a couple of charities that have benefitted

I’d like to give some more feedback on Digital Candle generally actually, it’s so brilliant. Our expert helped me on Google Ads a huge amount and has helped our organisation traffic a lot. Digital Candle is brilliant! 

Becca Thomas at Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis

Thank you for putting me in touch with Megan. We have just had a great conversation and I now know what I need to do next as well as having had some space to think through the major issues involved.

Esther Elliott, Workplace and Community Chaplain, West Edinburgh

Hope you all are well! 

C'mon England! ;-)