Weeknotes #5: online events, AdWords experts and more

May 18, 2020

150 introductions made!

In fact, we’ve blown past the 150 mark. We've now made 163 introductions since we started in January.

Thanks to all the volunteer experts who make this possible. And thanks to all the charities who take the plunge, articulating their digital question in the hope that a random stranger might help.

How to make an online event go off with aplomb?

Last week, we had a handful of questions from people wanting to put on larger online events. How to make them work smoothly? How to make them fun? How to make them useful?  

I’m sure this will be an increasingly common need. Our challenge is that no one on Candle classifies themselves as an expert in the subject. It’s not something people were really considering a couple of months ago.

Is this something you've got ideas about? Have you read any good articles on the topic? Any links, tips or suggestions, please email andy@digtitalcandle.org.uk.

Call out to AdWords experts

Candle has 201 experts who have volunteered their time. Of these, eight offer Google AdWords as an area of expertise. AdWords is one area where demand for advice outstrips supply.

When experts sign up for Candle, we are only asking for an hour of time. But I was wondering, would people be happy to offer more time? Last week I plucked up courage to ask. A couple of AdWords experts said they would be happy to help every fortnight! That’s great to know. It’s experts like you who make the whole service possible. Thank you. (And anyone else with expertise in this area, please mail in!) 


We love to hear from you! Any tips, suggestions or just to say 'hi'. Email hello@digitalcandle.org.uk.

Stay safe!

- andy

p.s. Not sure if anyone will have noticed, but apologies for missing last week’s update.